Little Beginnings

Finally started my fashion design beginner’s course.I tell you,it was like a breathe of fresh air.With no prior knowledge to sewing or tailoring, It was something I looked forward to (and still do).

And so I thought it will be easy,but who says something good comes easy? As time went by, I realise its not an easy task and if iwant to be the best, I have to learn against all odds. and I learnt and still learning and its been the best experience ever.

And who says I never thought of giving up? I almost discontinued my lessons. I thought of the distance, the difficulty getting to fashion school from my place of residence. I thought of my lack of money to buy some sewing materials (seeing that I recently lost my job), and I almost threw in the trowel.

But hey! amidst all these challenges,I sewed my first skirt-a half circle skirt!!!Yay!!! and I wore it on a date.I looked and felt so fashionable.You know that feeling you get when you know deep within you that you are wearing one of your creations! Yes! I was proud! and of course HE loved it!!!!<a href="Natty“>Natty


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